The story of a worm that hooked a man

A story about earthworms, tropical forests and humans as a keystone species

About me!

Hi there! My name is Luis Cunha, I am a biologist with a passion for invertebrates, in particular, the humble earthworm! I am an environmental biologist who became a bioinformatician led by the demands of personal research interests mainly towards invertebrate...

The Rio Madeira Expedition: 23.05.2017, Manicore City

A early start this morning (4a.m.) as our flights leaves by 5:55 (using the Apui air taxi) I can't...
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The Rio Madeira Expedition: 24.05.2017 Manicoré River

We went up to Manicoré River, looking for a community defined as Mocambo. This was defined...
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The 1st challenge starts, The Rio Madeira Expedition: 22.05.2017

Today we start a new and exciting challenge associated with the HOOKaWORM research project and...
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