We went up to Manicoré River, looking for a community defined as Mocambo. This was defined beausevwebwere lucky enough to meet the leader of the community Maria Cleia in the city, by accident. We decided to visit her community and to also take her with us. Unfortunately, during the morning she did not meet us at the arranged time and place but we still engaged with the plan. We arrive at the community by 9AM it took approximately 1 h to start there. After meeting some local people, sr. João took us and guide through the forest, looking for a mature secondary forest on Terra Preta. As soon as we found it, we started the digging/measuring work, and for our surprise ( or not) Pontoscolex corethrurus was there, happy and dominant around the agroforest, it really seems to be happy in human altered environment. After that, we went to talk with some people about the community in order to get some insights of the local knowledge of belowground fauna. For our surprise, awareness was prevalent about earthworms, ants and termites, but more than that was a pleasure to hear about the functions of the biota through the beautiful perspective of the local common sense. Able to distinguish species by their function was a brillant way to destinguis the animals and ineherent species. On our way back, Amazonian dolphins everywhere, what an amazing day. More to come tomorrow.

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