Luís Cunha MSc PhD

In love with Invertebrates and their Genomes

I am a molecular ecologist specialized in invertebrate biology, currently working as a Lecturer in Ecology at the University of South Wales.  I have been actively involved in several NGS-based genomic and transcriptomic projects to assemble and annotate several invertebrate genomes. I am also involved in projects related to evolutionary ecology, phylogenetics and population genetics (and genomics), including  of metazoan organisms living in extreme environments. I am particularly amazed by the volcanic “version” of Pontoscolex corethrurus, which became the main subject of study during my PhD research project. My current research projects focus on the study of soil biodiversity in historical anthropogenic ecosystems, in particular, looking at the Amazonian Dark Earth. I am also interested in using animals closely associated with human activity, in particular, earthworms, to infer ancient human movements across South America.

The Rio Madeira Expedition: 23.05.2017, Manicore City

A early start this morning (4a.m.) as our flights leaves by 5:55 (using the Apui air taxi) I can't stop to be amazed every time I am flying over Amazonia. Rio Negro, Solimões, Madeira are just colossal rivers cutting through the densest green carpet. You can see water...

The Rio Madeira Expedition: 24.05.2017 Manicoré River

We went up to Manicoré River, looking for a community called "Mocambo". The area became part of our plan, only because we met the leader of the village, Maria Cleia in the city, by accident. We decided to visit her community, and we offer a ride back with us....

About me!

Hi there! My name is Luis Cunha, I am a biologist with a passion for invertebrates, in particular, the humble earthworm! I am an environmental biologist who became a bioinformatician led by the demands of personal research interests mainly towards invertebrate...

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